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How to place a wall vinyl

To place a wall vinyl you need a bodybuilder ribbon and an assistant (you do not need the assistant to be a CrossFit athlete). The WOD lasts about 10 minutes.

The placement progressions are as follows:

Step 00.. Extend the vinyl.

If you are not going to place the vinyl on the same day you receive the package, open it and keep it as widespread as possible until you are going to put it on the wall.

Otherwise you run the risk that the conveyor paper will take off and generate bubbles that are a roll of removing.

Step 01. Before placing the vinyl put it on a table or the ground, and with the scraper that we have included, press the emblem above all by removing the bubbles and pressing so that the letters and symbols of adhere to the transparent conveyor paper.

Step 02.. Put the vinyl where you want to place it.

And look at it with bomb tape to the wall. More or less in half.

Step 03. Now take up about 30 cm from the top of the vinyl.

Paste the part that you have removed to the wall.

The remaining part of the role you have retired (the white part) rush it from behind.

Step 04. Now that you have fixed the upper part of the vinyl, start taking off behind the white part little by little.

While, you are pressing the vinyl and the transparent conveyor paper against the wall with the scraper.

So until you release the whole white part and stay the transparent paper totally stuck to the wall without bubbles.

Now take step 01 again but on the wall: press all the vinyl with the scraper, with special care in the smallest elements.

Step 05. It begins to withdraw very carefully and very slowly the transparent transport paper.

If you see that some element of the vinyl (some letter or symbol) is not fixed to the wall and goes with the conveyor paper, it returns a bit back and presses with the scraper that element until, when removing the transparent paper, this element It stays on the wall.

Step 06. It's almost. You already have the vinyl stuck to the wall.

Now, with great care, the scraper passes over the elements of the vinyl to fix them definitively to the wall

And it's already!

You already have your CrossFit inspiration vinyl on your wall.

If you want, send us a photo of the vinyl placed, and maybe we send a gift ... Surprise!

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